As the development of commercial uses for unmanned aircraft systems, or UAS, accelerates, more and more sectors are contemplating their use. UAS have the potential to both solve problems and save costs in the future across a number of industries throughout our rapid growing and developing world. Growth projections for these sectors are significant as UAS become cheaper to purchase, smaller in size and easier to operate. Prospective industries include Agriculture, Construction, Energy, Infrastructure, Media and Public Safety. In fact, the UAS industry is regarded by many as the most dynamic growth sector of the global aerospace industry. UAS have the potential to be a critical tool for promoting efficiency, safety and reducing the number of hours required to protect your most valued assets. It also has a minimal environmental impact in numerous commercial contexts. UAS could also play a critical role in disaster response, emergency operations and recovery efforts. UAS are commercially used in a variety of situations, the most popular of which are industrial inspections, aerial photography, agriculture (surveying crops) and law enforcement.