There are many reasons you may need to buy parts and accessories for your drone. Parts wear out — propellers, for instance, and motors and batteries. Things break — parts like landing gear, antennas and gimbals — which you know, if you’ve crashed a few times. You may want to add convenience — buy extra batteries and a quick charger, a carrying case or something as simple as a lanyard for a controller. And sometimes you seek to boost the performance of your drone, flight controller or camera, which means upgrading from original equipment.

LE Drones offers:

  • Repair parts, such as shells, arms and landing gear
  • Replacement parts, such as propellers, antennas and GPS
  • Upgrades, including antenna signal boosters and firmware downloads
  • Extras, such as Intelligent Fight Batteries and second controllers
  • Gimbals and cameras
  • Products from quality manufacturers, including DJI, ACR Systems, RED, FLIR, WooKong, Futaba and Tattu