Osmo Mobile 2


Getting smooth video while moving — walking backwards to film newlyweds leaving the chapel, riding in a car or on the back of a motorcycle, walking your dog along a rugged path — doesn’t take the obscenely expensive equipment that Hollywood film crews use. For professional-quality image stabilization, you just need a capable DJI Osmo handle from LE Drones, and a compatible video camera and gimbal — and maybe soft-soled shoes.

Ground-Photography Osmo Handle

The Osmo handle accepts a range of gimbal stabilizers and cameras, and you can add a smartphone holder to display what your camera sees. Handles have a control stick, a trigger and buttons for one-handed shooting. A microphone is built in. The DJI Osmo Handle Kit includes a handle, battery, charger and smartphone holder. If you have an Inspire X1 with X3 camera, the camera works with this bundle.

Stabilizing Gimbals

A 3-axis gimbal, such as the Zenmuse gimbal, smooths movements, preventing shaky video and blurred stills. A Z-axis gimbal increases vertical stability.

DJI Osmo Mobile

This bundle has a handle, 3-axis phone gimbal and smartphone holder. The gimbal and handle take the shakes out of smartphone videos or long exposure stills. The DJI GO app lets you share your video in real time through YouTube Live or Facebook Live. Want panoramic stills and time lapse video? Osmo Mobile can do both. Developers can customize Osmo Mobile programming.

Osmo Parts, Accessories

LE Drones offers a wide selection of Osmo parts and accessories. An extension arm can mount three accessories. The Lumie Art LED light allows detailed indoor shooting. Microphones mount and remove with quick releases. Batteries and battery extenders connect to an Intelligent Flight Battery or battery charger for extended shooting. A tripod or base stand facilitates longer exposures. And whole array of cameras includes the X3 zoom camera and X5.

You could even mount the camera and shoot while driving that car or riding the motorcycle. Our handheld camera gimbals work with cameras bought for handheld use, or with the removable camera on your DJI Inspire 1 quadcopter.

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