FLIR VUE CAMERAS Get precise thermal imaging at affordable prices with FLIR Vue cameras. The FLIR Vue sees bodies at night and heat sources during the day. The infrared scanning employed by thermal cameras is useful in such applications as nighttime police surveillance, search and rescue, firefighting, building inspections, cell tower inspections and precision agriculture. Each FLIR Vue is lightweight and can be fitted easily to a number of drones, including the DJI Inspire and Matrice 100 quadcopters and Matrice 600 hexcopter. FLIR Vue cameras feature:
  • Plug-and-play operation
  • Advanced programmable functions that can be set by connecting to your PC
  • Video and still files that are unloadable to your PC
  • Live video to your tablet through DJI Go
  • 5Vdc power via 10-pin USB mini-plug
  • Configuration through a built-in graphic user interface
  • Scene presets that adapt to shooting conditions