Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions are not answered here, please contact us at LE Drones. We’re happy to help and assist you with all of your UAS needs.

LE Drones (Law Enforcement Drones) provides commercial, high-tech, superior quality drones and accessories for public safety organizations. We also serve qualified employees of those organizations who intend to become FAA certified pilots for drone units within their departments. Public Service organizations along with individual professionals that work within the public safety industry are encouraged to complete our registration process in order to qualify for our public safety discount program. 

We are dedicated to helping public service entities create, launch and scale their drone programs. Our services encompass everything an organization needs to manage hardware and logistics and to guide field personnel toward successful operations. LE Drones is a DJI and FLIR authorized dealer. Our strong manufacturer relationships, top-quality sensors, and software serve one purpose: to help our customers succeed.

The LE Drones public safety program has been designed to provide substantial discounts to certified public safety organizations and individuals that work within the public safety industry. The prices reflected on our site are the manufactured suggested retail price that do not reflect the public safety discount. Register here

Yes. We are a registered federal vendor conducting business with federal, state, county and local government entities. You can find us on web portal. We process purchase orders, request for quotes (RFQs), engage in competitive bidding and offer convenient payment terms to qualified agencies.

Please complete your Request Quote Form or contact with your pricing inquiry or question(s).

If you are law enforcement, a fire department, a rescue organization or a professional that performs duties and works within the public safety industry, you are encouraged to complete our registration process in order to qualify for our public safety discount program.

Please complete the Request Quote Form and fax it to LE Drones at (844) 773-5385. (Registration must be complete prior to form submission)

LE Drones is proud to offer our discount program to all active or honorably retired law enforcement, fire service and rescue service personnel. Individual professionals that work within the public safety industry are encouraged to complete our registration process in order to qualify for our public safety discount program. For any questions concerning the required qualifications, please email

DJI is committed to helping maintain safe air space for all our users and the public. Our GEO system has different levels of geofencing zones to help you choose the right flight location based on different policies around world. If you have been authorized to operate in a GEO zone by the authorities you can apply to unlock flight restriction in Authorization Zones or restricted areas. There are 2 unlocking procedures, depending on the type of zone. Unlocking an Authorization Zone only requires a DJI user account to have its identity verified. When you takeoff inside or near an Authorization Zone a flight restrictions warning will be shown in the app. Tap yes and choose credit card or phone SMS for verification. After verification tap the confirm button to unlock the Authorization Zone. The unlocking license can be checked and managed in the app. You can also unlock and Authorization Zone on the fly safe section of the DJI’s official website before the flight. Click here to request Self UnLock

First visit self-unlocking under fly safe on DJI’s website. Select the zone for unlocking and the product model and put your drone serial number and complete the identity verification. When the verification succeeds you can launch the app and download the unlocking license. If you have the authorization to operate in a restricted zone you can request custom unlocking from fly safe on DJI’s website. Select your plan flight area, input your drone’s serial number and submit documentation showing your authorization to fly in the designated area. After approval an email copy of your request will be sent to you. Then you can launch the app and download the unlocking license. The required documentation may differ depending on the type of the designated zone and flight purpose. For more details visit DJI’s website ( or send an email to 

After you request is approved the unlocking license needs to be downloaded before you can fly in the GEO zone. Connect the mobile device and drone. Launch the app. Go the camera view, select general settings and select unlocking license. Tap app and sync to download the latest unlocking license. Tap import to aircraft. The drone’s unlocking license will be updated and the original 1 will be replaced. Tap aircraft and sync. Check the unlocking license. The unlocking license can be turned on or off as required. After the unlocking license is enabled the unlock flight zone will be displayed in the app. To fly outside of the zone turn off the unlocking license. To check the unlocking history go to the home screen. Me, more and my unlock NFZ application. Tap refresh to update the local list.

DJI provides a 24/7 unlocking service for GEO Zones. After an unlocking request is submitted on DJI’s website we will reply to you within 1 hour. If you have any questions sends an email to

A government entity (Police, Fire, Public Safety, etc.) has multiple methods to fly legally. Part 107, a public COA, or a Section 44807 exemption (formerly called a Section 333 exemption) are some of the low-cost ways to get government drone operations airborne legally. Please read FAA article Section 333 Exemption vs. Part 107 vs. Public COA vs. Blanket Public COA.

A government entity can fly under Part 107 (and obtain a Part 107 waiver or authorization), obtain a Section 44807 exemption, or obtain a public COA so the employees can fly under one or more of those methods. In other words, you don’t need one for each person, just one for the entire entity. Keep in mind that the pilot might need a pilot certificate depending on which method you choose (Section 44807 exemption & Part 107).

Yes, many governmental entities choose to operate under Part 107 and obtain Part 107 waivers (night operations, etc.) or authorizations to fly near airports. 

The big advantage is you have the ability to determine your own pilot training, aircraft, and maintenance standards. However, many public entities choose to fly under Part 107 because it is easier to just do that than try and figure out standards for training, aircraft, and maintenance. Another disadvantage that many don’t talk about is that public aircraft operations under a public COA can only be for certain statutorily listed operations. This creates some headaches because you need to make sure your operations are always within one of the statutorily listed operations and not in some “grey area.” This is another reason why public entities choose to get public COAs and also choose at times to fly under Part 107. There are many different tools available in the Public Safety and Law Enforcement Toolkit.