FLIR® Systems K-Series Thermal Imaging Cameras (TICs)

LE Drones and Teledyne FLIR

LE Drones is an Authorized Dealer of Teledyne FLIR and is committed to serving public safety professionals everywhere.

Revolutionizing firefighting, Thermal Imaging Cameras (TICs) have empowered firefighters to pierce through smoke and darkness, pinpoint victims, and detect hot spots. Handheld TICs accompany firefighters into enclosed spaces, while aerial TICs, affixed to drones or helicopters, provide a comprehensive aerial view of fire scenes.

Teledyne FLIR stands at the forefront of TIC manufacturing, offering an array of products tailored for firefighters and emergency responders. Leveraging advanced infrared technology, FLIR TICs swiftly detect heat sources and translate them into visual images, enabling informed decision-making in critical moments.

Compact and lightweight, handheld TICs are designed for field use, boasting rugged constructions to endure the rigors of firefighting. They often integrate various functions like video recording and wireless connectivity.

Aerial TICs offer expansive perspectives of fire scenes, swiftly covering vast areas. They excel in identifying hot spots and monitoring fire progression from safe distances. Additionally, aerial TICs aid in assessing structural integrity during fire incidents.

Beyond firefighting, TICs prove invaluable in hazardous materials incidents and search and rescue operations. By swiftly identifying heat sources and potential hazards, responders enhance their ability to navigate emergencies safely and effectively.

TICs have become indispensable for firefighters and emergency responders, empowering them to navigate through adverse conditions and assess situations rapidly. With technological advancements and diverse product offerings, TICs will continue to be pivotal in firefighting and emergency response endeavors.

Discover the FLIR K-Series, crafted for the most demanding firefighting scenarios.

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