FLIR® Systems K-Series Thermal Imaging Cameras (TICs)

LE Drones and Teledyne FLIR

LE Drones is an Authorized Dealer of Teledyne FLIR and is committed to serving public safety professionals everywhere.

Thermal imaging cameras (TICs) have revolutionized firefighting by allowing firefighters to see through smoke and darkness, locate victims, and identify hot spots. Handheld TICs are typically used by firefighters inside buildings or other enclosed spaces, while aerial TICs are mounted on drones or helicopters to provide a bird’s-eye view of the fire scene.

FLIR is a leading manufacturer of TICs, offering a range of products designed for firefighters and other emergency responders. Their TICs use advanced infrared technology to detect heat sources and display them as visual images, allowing firefighters to quickly assess the situation and make informed decisions.

Handheld TICs are compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry and use in the field. They typically have a rugged design to withstand the harsh conditions of firefighting and may feature a range of functions, such as video recording and wireless connectivity.

Aerial TICs, on the other hand, provide a wider perspective of the fire scene and can cover large areas quickly. They are often used to identify hot spots or to monitor the fire’s spread from a safe distance. Aerial TICs can also be used to assess the structural integrity of buildings and other structures during a fire.

In addition to firefighting, TICs are also useful in other emergency situations, such as hazardous materials incidents and search and rescue operations. They allow responders to quickly locate heat sources and identify potential hazards, improving their ability to respond safely and effectively.

Overall, TICs have become an essential tool for firefighters and emergency responders, allowing them to see through smoke and darkness and quickly assess the situation. With advances in technology and a range of products available, TICs are likely to continue to play a critical role in firefighting and other emergency response efforts

FLIR K-Series thermal imaging cameras have been developed for the most demanding firefighting situations. 

Flir K-Series products are available nationwide. Contact LE Drones to request a quote or get more information today.

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