LE Drones provides the equipment you need to keep your personnel safe in challenging situations. Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) commonly referred to as drones can give your organization an advantage in various tactical situations:

  • Hostage incidents
  • Suspicious package investigations
  • Incidents involving armed unstable individuals

Many of the capabilities of a helicopter unit can now fit in the trunk of a police vehicle. LE Drones units can be equipped with the high resolution FLIR and thermal camera technology that is revolutionizing law enforcement.

  • Surveil large areas at a fraction of the cost of a helicopter and locate missing persons or track fugitives
  • Monitor hostile situations from vantage points that were not possible before
  • Secure early vantage points in volatile situations and keep officers safer
  • Plan precision tactics with a higher degree of certainty based on real time information from a UAS

Doing things the old-fashioned way often involves putting dozens of people out on foot, often in difficult terrain, or spending thousands of dollars per hour in securing a helicopter, pilot and fuel costs.

With a UAS, you can launch and begin a search within minutes, employing the latest in thermal imaging and geo-referenced grid searches. FEMA’s Urban Search and Rescue Response teams use GR grid searches for positioning during search and rescue (SAR) operations.

And of course, the faster you find a missing child or endangered person, the more likely you are to save them.


Research has shown that police pursuits cause hundreds of deaths each year. According to this study of US police pursuit fatalities from 1982-2004 source, police pursuits cause an average of 323 deaths each year. Innocent civilians, bystanders, officers and suspects are all in danger.

Many agencies have carefully-worded pursuit policies in place that help lessen the challenges and safety issues with police pursuits. UAS can offer options for improvement in police vehicle pursuits, since they are more versatile than traditional air support, and more sophisticated than current GPS tracking devices.

Camera Technology & Fire

Police UAS specifically equipped with thermal and FLIR cameras could be a game-changer for first responders.

A UAS infrared technology can:

  • See through smoke
  • Fly in congested traffic areas during pursuit tracking
  • Effectively pinpoint the hot spots of a house, building or major structure fire in minutes (with more visibility than current technology provides)

Live streaming video with virtually no delay gives you an instant view of what’s going on. Draw a flight path with your finger, and the UAS will automatically fly without you having to touch the controls. Put it exactly where you want it, and it will use GPS and other sensors to remain stationary, even in 30+ mph winds.

Gather evidence at crime scenes/critical incidents with precision. Provide higher-quality data during testimonials where a person’s freedom is on the line.

GEO Mapping is the current go to technology that has the capability to create 3D maps for court and prosecution purposes. The potential is limitless. It can document large crime scenes and fatal auto crashes along with many other types of incidents in minutes.  A UAS would be an excellent asset for any law enforcement agency.

GeoTime® for Law Enforcement is the industry’s only 3D mapping and analysis tool, capturing time and space. Currently used by HIDTA’s, fusion centers, national defense organizations and law enforcement agencies worldwide for criminal investigations, intel analysis, surveillance operations and courtroom presentations.

LE Drones is an Authorized FLIR® Systems Dealer and offers the complete line of LE OPTICS.

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