DJI FLIR Zenmuse XT series

A drone can go where you can’t go, and a Zenmuse FLIR XT camera can record what you can’t see. That’s why Zenmuse FLIR XT cameras are the obvious choice for mounting on drones deployed by police surveillance teams, firefighters, search and rescue operations, and industrial inspection crews. FLIR cameras are thermal cameras: The Zenmuse FLIR cameras offered here by LE Drones sense and record heat sources.

Zenmuse FLIR cameras offer:

  • Compatibility with professional DJI Matrice 100 quadcopter and Matrice 600 hexcopter
  • Five fixed focal lengths to choose from
  • Digital zoom to 8x, depending on model
  • Simultaneous still and video shooting
  • Spot metering
  • Reliable temperature measurements from midpoint
  • Absolute temperature measurements on radiometric cameras
  • Stabilizing 3-Axis gimbal, factory mounted to camera
  • Infrared scanning at 640/30 fps or 336/60 fps, depending on model
  • 9Hz or 30Hz exportable frame rate, depending on model
  • 360-degree rotation


Heat can be seen — in extreme cases, the naked eye can see a desert mirage, heated air coming off a highway, or the exhaust from a jet plane’s engines. But in most cases, it’s invisible to humans. A thermal camera can see even low-level heat’s transference into the air. It can sense and record heat, even in darkness or through smoke. FLIR XT series cameras can measure and record the temperature of the heat they detect.


When mounted on a professional-grade flying platform, such as the DJI Matrice 100 or Matrice 600, UAV pilots or technicians can reach areas difficult or impossible to access by foot or vehicle. Law enforcement can watch in full darkness, capturing aerial night video without lights as the suspects’ bodies give off heat.

In firefighting, pilots can identify and zoom in on hot spots, helping to prevent injuries and flare-ups. Building inspectors can identify heat leaks. Search and rescue operations can fly over earthquake or explosion rubble, sensing heat plumes that identify possible survivors in need of rescue and can assist command personnel direct deployment of manpower and/or rescue dogs.


Cameras are available with lens lengths of 6.8mm, 7.5 MM, 9mm, 13mm & 19mm. The 6.8mm is available in non-radiometric models, and the 7.5mm in radiometric models. Resolution, depending on the model, is 336×256 or 640×512.

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