DJI™ MATRICE 600 Series

Built for professional aerial photography and industrial applications, the DJI Matrice 600 Flying Platform, or M600, employs customizable positioning. Hovering accuracy of less than a meter can be upgraded to 1 cm. This UAV is fast, overcomes crosswinds, holds its flight signals and positioning, and does heavy lifting, including Hollywood-quality gimbals and cameras. It is compatible with a host of accessories and upgrades.

The DJI Matrice 600 UAV features:

  • 6 brushless motors
  • 6 intelligent flight batteries — one for each motor
  • 21-inch propellers
  • 49-mph top speed
  • Heavy payload — 13.25 pounds

Precise Positioning
GPS and multiple sine wave-driven intelligent Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC) deliver precise standard positioning. Upgrade to a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) D-RTK for accuracy within 1 cm. GNSS D-RTK avoids signal interference from radio waves, for inspecting such things as cell towers, and from steel structures, such as high-rises and bridges.

Multiple Camera & Lens Options
Choose the gimbal and camera that do the job right. The Matrice 600 works seamlessly with the Ronin-MX gimbal, which can be handheld. Arm your drone with remote-focus, zoom-capable Zenmuse X3, X5 and X5R cameras. All accept interchangeable lenses and can shoot 4K video and 18MP stills. You can also mount thermal-imaging cameras, such as the FLIR Vue.

The Matrice 600 lifts up to 13.25 pounds for ample instrumentation and sophisticated gimbals and cameras. Full-payload flight time is 18 minutes.

Flight controller
The included A3 advanced flight controller uses LightBridge 2 to beam 720p real-time images to a controller-attached smartphone or tablet. Recording definition remains as high as your camera allows. Compatible with DJI Go, it can be customized using a DJI Software Developer Kit (SDK). An available second master-slave controller allows control of the drone by the pilot and of instruments or a camera by a technician or photographer. It has CAN, UART and USB connectivity.

Matrice 600 bundles, parts
Save with bundles. Available are the Matrice 600 plus Ronin-MX gimbal, and the Matrice 600 plus six extra TB47S intelligent flight batteries. You can also buy parts including the A3 flight controller, A3 pro upgrade, gimbals, cameras, extension bays, hard cases, mounting brackets and connectors.