COVID-19 Law Enforcement Impact Dashboard

The National Police Foundation (NPF) is committed to providing resources to law enforcement agencies during the COVID-19 pandemic. The NPF recognizes the challenges law enforcement is currently facing in this rapidly changing environment. In response, the NPF has launched a Real-Time COVID-19 Law Enforcement Impact Situational Awareness Dashboard (viewable below) to help law enforcement leaders better assess and monitor the impacts COVID-19 is having on law enforcement agencies across the United States. The dashboard tracks workforce impacts, including the number of officers unable to work/placed in off-duty status due to possible or confirmed exposure and/or due to experiencing symptoms of illness, the number of officers that have been tested and diagnosed, as well as personal protective equipment (PPE) needs and projections.

In addition to the dashboard, the NPF is dedicated to assembling relevant and trusted resources for law enforcement (listed below) that have been prepared by a variety of associations and organizations that may be helpful as your agency plans, prepares and responds. Please note that this is a rapidly evolving event and information on this page will be updated frequently.

LE Dashboard and Information can be viewed here: