How Thermal Imaging Drones are Providing Fire Fighters with Live Saving Data

Thermal Imaging for Fire Fighters

FLIR’s newest addition to the sUAS team, Brett Kanda, hosted a webinar with Derrick Ward from LAFD last month.

Thermal imaging drones are quickly finding a way into the daily operations of fire fighters across the world. During this webinar, Brett Kanda of FLIR will discuss with Derrick Ward of the Los Angeles Fire Department, the technology being used in the field to help save lives. The topics that will be covered include:

  • How firefighters use thermal data
  • Risk Assessment during and after structure fires
  • Brush Fires and the recent Los Angeles wildfires
  • Reconnaissance and post fire overview
  • Regulation and future needs

About Derrick Ward:

For the last 30 years Derrick has worked for the Los Angeles City Fire Department assigned at Fire Station 80 at LAX International Airport. His expertise in the use of thermal drones to gathering crucial data helps keep responders safe and can often mean the difference between life and death. Derrick is certified in Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting and has over 890 hours of UAS flight time.

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